James Hearst Poetry Prize Winners

Winners 2011

First Place: Jenifer Browne Lawrence, What Her Father Cast
Second Place: Benjamin Busch, March
Third Place: Mark Wagenaar, The Way of All Flesh
Honorable Mention: Casey Thayer, Give Us This Day
Honorable Mention: Terry Savoie, Housekeepinig
Honorable Mention: Michael Derrick Hudson, The Mummy Declines His Curse

Finalists 2011

Jennifer Chapis, Fire Escape
Devi Sen Laskar, The All-Saints, GA Overeaters Support Group (meeing #18)

Jeremiah Webster, Scop Wanted

Holly Virginia Clark, Mercy

Susan Norris, Shaving For My Father

Claire Millikin, Charm School

Marianne Patty, Prom Night, 1954

Sharon Hashimoto, Soft

Winners 2010

First Place: Matthew Burns, Rhubarb
Second Place: Chelsea Henderson, Errata
Third Place: Jeff Knorr, Taps
Honorable Mention: Cynthia Wyatt, Sunbonnet Girls
Honorable Mention: Bruce Meyer, Woman Baking Bread
Honorable Mention: Michael Kriesel, Mineral Kingdom

Finalists 2010

Joan Colby, The Lunar Year
Rebecca Foust,
Pulled Plug
Sharon Hashimoto,
Letter to My Father from His Friend Overseas, August, 1944
Courtney Kampa,
Angel Gabriel
Jeffrey Ethan Lee,
to tear them away
Carrie Meadows,
George Ohr, Mad Potter of Biloxi
Vincent Peloso,
The Boy in the Men's Locker Room
Melissa Stein,
Our Campaign for Her World
Susan Terris,
Before Cortez

Winners 2009

First Place: Travis Mossotti, The Dead Cause
Second Place: Konrad Stump, Thirteen
Third Place: Claire Millikin, In the Kitchen
Honorable Mention: Gaye McKenney, Demolition
Honorable Mention: Michael Spence, The Unbroken Code
Honorable Mention: Elinor Benedict, The Boys

Finalists 2009

Roy Bentley, Eternity Hotel
Philip Dacey, Leaves of Lucre
Rebecca Foust, The Cormorant
Rich Hanson, What If Wile E. Coyote Had Caught the Road Runner
Sharon Hashimoto, A Matter of Loyalty: Question # 28, A Nisei's Response
Michael Hudson, Failure of Imagination in the Prairie Grove Cemetery
Michael Kriesel, Over the Rainbow
Devi S. Laskar, How to Cackle Like a Wicked Stepmother
Shawn Pittard, Fall Creek
Shari Robinson, You talk of Forgiveness 

Winners 2008

First Place: Kate Buckley, The Life Cycle of Moths
Second Place: Sarah Heffner, Elevator Conversation
Third Place: Deborah Fries, Reconstitution
Honorable Mention: Joan Colby, I Am Calm and Happy But Desperately Anxious to Live
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Haukaas, Red
Honorable Mention:  Michael Kriesel, Secret Woman 

Finalists 2008

Roy Bentley, Funerals in the South
Greg Braquet, Car Maps
George David Clark, The Secret Lives of Lady Gymnasts
Barry, Dickson, Barry Dickson 1945 —
Zebulon Huset, Cabo San Lucas, 2007: A Double Abecedarian
Kimiko McGonigle, She Learned
Susan Norris, For My Mother
B. V. Oguín, Chin
Douglas F. Parham, The Jealous Praise of Flannel Sleep Attire
Emily Lupita Plum, Two Islands
Michael Spence, And Don't Forget the Fruit
Joshua Wood,
Dream Creatures 

Winners 2007

First Place: Luisa A. Igloria, Venom
Second Place: Gail Thomas, Learning to Walk Again
Third Place: Marianne Patty,
The Only Mermaid on the Moon

Finalists 2007

Robert Abbate, Tishbite Pottery Fragments
Susan Elbe, Some Music
Rebecca Foust,  Strip Mine
Jessica Garrat, Woman Drives Past, Crying
Paula Goldman, If Dickinson Had a Husband and Wrote Villanelles
Christine A. Gruber, When the Time Comes, I Wish to Die in June
Terry Hertzler, Not Quite Deja Vu
Michael Kriesel, Zen Amen
Melody Lacina, Copy Editing the Catalogue Raisonne of George Inness
Karen Lieneke, The Memory of Water
Mark Minster, Krasnyi Ugol (The Beautiful Corner)
Erin Murphy, City Birds Are Losing Their Songs
Sean Nevin, The Black Carpenter Bee
Robert Peake, Radish
Jane B. Rawlings, Dawn, Leaving Venice
Faith Shearin, Smoke
Tana Jean Welch, Locusts Are Swarming

Winners 2006

First Place: Jeanne Emmons, Polio Water in 1955
Second Place: Patrick Rosal, Poem for My Extra Nipple
Third Place: Mariette Landry, Tanning
Honorable Mention: Natalie Diaz,
Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of Anglikan Seraphym Subjugation of a Wild Indian Rezervation

Finalists 2006

Amanda Auchter, Dragonfly on Blue Agave
Jacqueline Berger, The Routine After Forty
Arlene Distler, Cleaning the Octopus
Stephen Larson, Coming Back for the Horses
Michael Lauchlan, Writing the Light
Jenifer Browne Lawrence, Vigils
Jeffrey Ethan Lee, After she said, "You can work around me" somehow he knew
Jasmine Paul, one girl's winter
Pamela Porter, Unpacking
Margaret Rabb, Triassic Escarpment
Susan Rich, Self-Portrait with Trampoline
Helen Klein Ross, Sitting Backward, We Move Unstoppably Forward
Victoria Sloan, Orbweaver
Wyatt Townley, Striptease

Winners 2005

First Place: Joyce Thomas, Fishes
Second Place: Timothy Walsh, Blue Lace Colander
Third Place: Kelli Russel Agodon, Z to A: Secret Confessions of an Alphabet Junkie
Honorable Mention: Annette Spaulding-Convy, I bring my newborn to the convent
Honorable Mention: Kristen Tracy, Sometimes this Happens

Finalists 2005

Rob Bentley, Women and Alligator
J. Lorraine Brown, Intermission at a Reading by Galway Kinnell
Deborah DeNicola, Gauguin's Red
Linda Dove, Labor Day Pie
Raynette Eitel, Melanoma Butterfly
Jim Fisher, At the Biotech Party
Mary Fitzpatrick, The Cure
Albert Garcia, The Sea of Galilee and the Sacramento River
Steve Gehrke, Renoir, Arthritic
Alex Grant, Beginning Poet Critique
Kenneth Hart, Tick
Ian Christopher Hooper, Formula on a White and Empty Page
Una Nichols Hynum, Genealogy of War
David James, The Poet Chokes Himself Up
Jeffrey Ethan Lee, After a Painting by Antonio Salemme (1892-1995)
James P. Lenfesty, She who thinks like a fish thinks
Elizabeth M. Maloney, Praying for Maintenance
Arthur McMaster, Interior Rhymes
Maureen McQuerry, Grace
Nadine Meyer, Over Vitebsk
Kevein Nance, Smoke
Evan Oakle, My Deaf Man
Glenn Pape, Belly
Elisa Pulido, Trogloditophobia
Sheila Harken Rosecrans, A Bookstore on Valencia Street
Diane Seuss, In Search of the Molecular Structure of Benzene
Rachel M. Simon, Rules of Poetry
Andrew Sofer, Picasso's Saltimbanques
Micheal Spence, Alien in Allentown
Shirley Stephenson, Handling Protocol
Ted Taylor, Haephestus
Patti White, Laika

Winners 2004

First Place: Andrea Potos, Each Self
Second Place: Angela Narciso Torres, Thursdays After Dinner at L'amie Donia
Third Place: Marea Gordett, Autistic Child in the Day School

Finalists 2004

Nathalie F. Anderson, Squeeze
Brittney C. Blaskowitz, Mistress Mango
Cindhy Briano, You Make Love Like a Pinball Machine
Deborah Brown, How She Lived
John P. Buentello, Father Found in the Rending Room
Rachel Dacus, Drake's Estero, Point Reyes
Frank Eannarino, Social Work
Deborah Fries, Arriving at X
Kate Gray, Turquoise Sestina
Peter Klein, The Trapeze Artist Resigns
Elline Lipkin, Philomela's Tongue
Eileen Malone, Words with Taloned Claws
Mario René Padilla, Once, I Wanted to be Richie Vallens
Stephen R. Porter, corn
Joseph Sabado, Yellow Light
Farnoosh Seifoddini, Pre-Maternity
Tamara Kaye Sellman, Stubborn Tourist

Winners 2003

First Place: Derek Sheffield, Ornithology 101
Second Place: Ellen Bass, Discovering Fire
Third Place: Lilian Crutchfield, Gayle, Descending
Honorable Mention: Emmy Pérez, Ghazal For Los Muertos
Honorable Mention: John E. Smelcer, After a Sermon at the Church of Infinite Confusion

Finalists 2003

Elinor Benedict, Mother by Moonlight
F.J. Bergmann, An Apology
Margaret J. Hoehn, Geogia O'Keeffe Writers Her Friends: "I Won't Return to New York"
Angela Kelly, In the Kitchen
Jim McGarrah, Generation Gap
Cynthia L. Monroe, The Sculptor's Model
Ander Monson, Cancer Season
Susan Azar Porterfield, Kibbe
Noelle Rydell, Adulteress in Autumn
Trey Selma, The Arabic Script
J. Shipley, Breath
David Shumate, Poems That Can Only Be Written at Night
Beth Copeland Vargo, Canzone
Amanda Walter, Ladies' War
Carolyne Wright, Blue Mitosis

Winners 2002

First Place: Ann Hunkins, Eating Meat
Second Place: Lynda Skeen, Oyster-Shucking Contest
Third Place: Carol Vanderveer Hamilton, Aesthetics and Politics
Honorable Mention: Allison Joseph, A History of African-American Hair
Honorable Mention: Michael Larson, Aquinas at the Last

Finalists 2002

Curtis Bauer, Landscape with Leaves
Andrea Carter Brown, The Robin's Nest
Melanie Drane, Angioplasty
James Hall, Chopin's Prelude in E-minor
Karin Hoffecker, Geisha
Christina Hutchins, The Poet to Her Poems
Susan Kelly-DeWitt, My Mother at Evening
Diane Lockward, Eating my Words
Mary Makofske, In a Book on Neolithic Wounds
Barbara M. Seagle, Generic

Winners 2001

First Place: Jeffrey Levine, Mazurka
Second Place: Salita Bryant, Damage
Third Place: Debra Marquart, Within Moments

Finalists 2001

Lisa Marie Brodsky, Birds in the Mediterranean Speak Like Syrup
Karen E. Drayne, Wedding Negatives
Susan Firer, Hsuan T'sao
Deborah Fries, Photo of Father as Cowboy
Ralph Frongillo, Private Place
Ross Gay, Alzheimer's
Ann Hudson, Galileo Explains Why Aristotle Was Wrong About the Heavens
A. Van Jordan, Notes from a Southpaw
Richard Levine, Touch the Safe
Kwala Mandel, Angola
David Martin, Saturday Night, 1976
James McGarrah, Black Ice
Andrew Mulvania, Blackberry-Picking
Kristin Naca, What I Don't Tell My Children About the Philippines
Nancy Nicodemus, Grandmother Maude's Diary
Laurie Robertson-Lorant, Melville Continues his Classical Education in the South Seas
Lucy Warlick, Guilt