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298.4 From The Editors

298.4 From The Editors

From The Editors

Greetings, faithful readers. We usually honor US racial or ethnic heritage celebrations in each issue, and this time we are celebrating Native Heritage Month by featuring the poems of Adrian C. Louis (Lovelock Paiute) and Natalia Toledo (Zapotec). Also in her Paeans column this issue, editor Anne Drolet reviews a book of history and stories by Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun and Josephine Waggoner (Lakota). In this vein, we’re also glad to publish a poem by Brian Swann, who, although not a Native himself, has done much for Native American literature.

We are also celebrating the military vis-à-vis Veterans Day (USA) and Remembrance Day (Canada) by reviewing four books of poems by vets in Vince Gotera’s Synecdoche column. In addition, Grant Tracey in his Crosscuts column reviews the Granddaddy of all returning-vet movies, The Best Years of our Lives, which won eight Oscars in 1946. Moreover, Brian Hyer’s gritty short story, “I Thought You Might Want to Hear About it,” focuses on problems of returning veterans.

We’re always glad to bring you an eclectic mix literature and art. —VG & GT

P.S. Many thanks to the NEA for a year-long grant helping to fund three issues.

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