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Long ago, I became a collector of words and visual images, especially black-and-white photographs.  I keep my journal with me at all times to record beautiful imagery, arresting details, and anything that makes me question life in a way that demands a story.

Below are selected steps from a prewriting journal exercise I designed to begin an original story using black-and-white photographs as creative inspiration.

I hope this exercise will be as fun and as...

American Eye: What Makes Bernie Run? by Stephen Minot was featured in issue 274.4.

In the December 1989 issue of North American Review, Stephen Minot began his profile of Bernie Sanders with the following:

“The political career of Bernard Sanders is a succession of impossible events. How does an outspoken socialist from Brooklyn become mayor of Burlington, Vermont? How...

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I wrote the poem “Visitation” in the year following my father’s death. I’d written several somewhat wild and whirling...

Winning poem for the 2011 James Hearst Poetry Prize

"What Her Father Cast"

From the author:

This poem arrived courtesy of a friend’s writing prompt. It’s been several years now, but to the best of my memory, one of the...

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