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“This moment is the only thing in which I am at all interested. Ergo, who cares for anything I do? And what do I care.” --William Carlos Williams, “Spring and All”

The other day, I visited a friend of mine. We did what friends so often do. Sat down, had coffee, had a little chat. Played with the dog. Went out to the studio and spent five hours working on a letterpress project.

Julie is the proud owner of a Vandercook...






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To Whom it May Concern...


Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday from the staff here at the North American Review.

And thanks to Bill Graeser for his poem, "Thanksgiving", from issue 294.6, Nov. - Dec. 2009 and many thanks to Susan Kort for her poem, "Over the River &...

Jeff Knorr's poem, "Taps" won 3rd place in the 2010 James Hearst Poetry Prize. The poem appears in issue 295.2 of the North American Review.



For the past few months, I’ve busied myself with preparations for the...

Joan Colby's poem "The Lunar Year" was a finalist in the 2010 James Hearst Poetry Prize. The poem appears in issue 295.2 of the North American Review.



Where do writers get their ideas? Well, if they are writing prose, their ideas evolve one way. If, on the other hand, they are writing poetry, their ideas evolve another way. Perhaps some distinctions are in order. Distinguishing the difference between prose and poetry...

Thirteen years since I started teaching my Creative Writing class at Douglas County Jail just outside Lawrence, Kansas.  Thirteen years, hundreds of classes, thousands of inmates in my class over the years.

I’ve taught for over twenty years at the University of Kansas.  I’ve taught in France, Senegal, Zambia, Japan and England.  But there’s no doubt at all that my writing class at Douglas County Jail has been the best teaching experience of my life.

I was there again on...

Though I strive in large part to maintain a state of non-fiction in my poetry, there are times when I am unable to retain my grasp on the actual. I've found this happens most often when in pursuit of a portrait of some sort, or when writing about something for which the difficulty of the subject matter exceeds my ability as a non-fictional poet. I don't mean I consider this a failure, even though on a personal level it can be intimidating, humbling and frustrating. These poems, when they...

In this post we feature three poets, Dan O'Brien, Jude Brancheau, and Martin Ott. Thank you to all of the men, women, and their families who have sacrificed.

Dan O’Brien

The War Reporter Paul Watson Hears the Voice

We ask them, Have you seen the American
soldier? Someone says he...


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