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Flashback Friday


Our Thanksgiving Series Comes To An End With A Piece From Our 290.6, Nov-Dec Of 2005 Issue

By Richard Cecil

The Night After Thanksgiving

As freezing wind made branches whip and snap,
a silver—rat? raccoon? no,possum—stopped
on the sidewalk up ahead and looked back
at me and I looked back at her and stopped....

Note from the author: The poem is set in the Midwest during the period of western migration, but it intends to make the reader consider how food and culture intertwine on several levels, from family to country. Perhaps it's good to remind ourselves of this linkage during this time of year when culture, family, and food are so prominent.

Recipes You Need

To Make a Cake Without Butter

Melt down a piece of salt pork, strain it through muslin, let cool, and then use...

Gaye McKenney's poem "Demolition" from the 2009 Spring issue of the North American Review received an Honorable Mention in the James Hearst Poetry Prize.


Michael Kriesel's poem "Mineral Kingdom" was published in issue 295.2, Spring 2010. Michael was also the 2015 James Hearst Poetry Prize winner.

Notes from the author:

"Mineral Kingdom" comes from an 18-month period during which I wrote 72 Abecedariums & Double Abecedariums, all with a metaphysical / occult theme. I was working 4 hours each evening as a janitor in a small rural elementary school, a job intentionally chosen for its low mental stress. The rest of my my day was...

Philip Dacey's "Leaves of Lucre" was published in the North America Review's 2009 spring issue.

Author's note: “Leaves of Lucre” appears in a completed but as as-yet-unpublished book manuscript of poems entitled The Ice-Cream Vigils: Poems on the Life and Work of Walt Whitman. If the book is ever published, it...

Happy New Year from us at the North American Review! Holidays this year are being just perfect with falling on all these Throwback and Flashback days. Bobbie Ann Mason's story "New Ground" was published in issue 268.2 back in 1983. Here's to another awesome year! Cheers!


Happy holidays everyone! We here at the North American Review hope that you have had a wonderful holiday so far. In the spirit of Christmas and for a flashback Friday, we dug down in the archives to find this short piece of fiction to enjoy. Alexander Rose's story "Christmas Story" was featured in issue...

I wrote this story when my husband was dying of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Diease). Until then, I’d thought of myself as a novelist, but I no longer had the mental bandwidth to immerse myself in long work. So I turned to the short story, a form I immediately fell in love with for its vast array of possibilities. “The Cop, the Hooker & the Ridealong” was the first story I wrote close to...

I was in an online poetry boot camp and had a few hours to come up with that Tuesday poem. Everything I had written that day stunk like raw fish baking on a dry dock. I overheard my children discussing their favorite movies at the time. My oldest said “Little Mermaid” and my middle said “Sleeping Beauty” and my youngest said “Snow White.” When I asked my youngest why, she said the wicked stepmother had the best laugh. And a poem was born.

Devi Sen Laskar's poem first appeared in...

As a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Northern Iowa's Bachelor of Fine Arts program in early 2007, I was only too delighted to receive an illustration request for the North American Review. Having studied under the art direction of Roy Behrens, I looked forward to contributing to the publication.

After reading and re-reading Steve...


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