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In my review of J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation of the Old English poem Beowulf (issue 298.1), I allude to the Oxford professor’s radical interpretations of certain sections of the poem; however, space limitations in the print magazine didn’t allow me to elaborate on those interpretations, so I spoke with the NAR editors about using their blog to further discuss Tolkien’s rebel readings.

Year of the snake

As guest editor of the recent Native American poetry feature for North American Review, I solicited indigenous poets whose work I admire and whose national and cultural ties to Native American nations are clear. These are their names:

b:william bearhart, Eric Gansworth, LeAnne Howe, Mark Turcotte, Trevino L. Brings Plenty, Tiffany Midge.

I wanted no doubt that the diverse group of poets who agreed to be published...

I am very grateful to North American Review for publishing the poem “I Heard They Were Queer for One Another,” featured in the 2015 spring issue of NAR, as it is part of a project that is very near and dear to my heart. In the introduction to Carolyn Forché’s landmark anthology Against Forgetting, Forché advocates for a space between the...

In one of the best rejection letters I’ve ever gotten, an agent told me recently, I honestly don't have a clue who'd be a viable publisher for this.

A line like that is a condemnation of sorts. In 2015, this agent goes on to declare, there is no market for the kind of literary fiction I am trying to write.

That she said this about a manuscript I spent nearly three years writing means I should feel some heavy mix of defeat and depression. Hopelessness and hatred....

The ground, of course, does move under your feet. Ask the astronomers: it moves a thousand miles per hour, if you’re talking about the speed of the Earth’s spin; it moves more than sixty thousand miles per hour if you look at our laps around the sun; the speeds get even higher if you think about us sailing through the galaxy or the universe at large. On top of that, we move inexorably through time. Our bodies refuse to stop changing. The world transforms and retransforms around us, as people...

Amy Glynn gives us an excerpt from her in-progress essay collection "Knotweed, Bindweed, Crabgrass, Thorn: Field Notes on Making Your Bed and Lying in It, Bolting, Reaping What You Sow, and Other Useful Domestic Metaphors."


I see humanity now as one vast plant, needing for its highest
fulfillment only love, the natural blessings of the great
outdoors, and intelligent crossing and selection.


During the mid-to-late-eighties I worked for two oil field companies, Oilfield Rental Service Company and later Petco Fishing and Rental Tools, both in Morgan City, Louisiana. Both businesses fabricated, tested, and delivered to the docks blowout preventer stacks and manifolds*, configured and tested various combinations of spools and flanges, and...

I was in an online poetry boot camp and had a few hours to come up with that Tuesday poem. Everything I had written that day stunk like raw fish baking on a dry dock. I overheard my children discussing their favorite movies at the time. My oldest said “Little Mermaid” and my middle said “Sleeping Beauty” and my youngest said “Snow White.” When I asked my youngest why, she said the wicked stepmother had the best laugh. And a poem was born.

Devi Sen Laskar's poem first appeared in...

In this over-the-top literary Western, to honor his deceased mother's wishes, the protagonist Jim O'Brien writes the quixotic saga of his ancestors who grew up with a tribe of Comanches.  Not quite in line with his mother's wishes, he weaves into the tale modern day stalkers, drug dealers, secret agents, strippers, a mad linguist, an imaginary therapist, the ghost of...

How Neocons Destabalized Europe

Warning: Video is very loud

The Interview:

All applicants sit in a circle. The floor is carpeted. This room is useless. Someone asks, Who wants a job as a FUN GIRL? This interview is for a gig as a crowd riler: a position offered through Craigslist. The event is called the Real Estate Wealth Expo, a series of lectures on the secret to wealth with headliner,...


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