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crodery_EW_finalToday’s Throwback Thursday pick is, “...


Sympathetic and unsympathetic voice is about intent: whom and what one is writing for. It is what separates the likably mediocre from the uncomfortably moving. 


Our first journey from womb to earth is a gendered passage. From our first words, the language we speak and later read and write is informed by gender. The origin of “gender” is from the Latin (Oxford English Dictionary) generare, meaning: to “produce by natural processes, to give rise to, engender.” I was struck by the softening “en” of “engender,” which felt like a blurring of gender’s certainty. My OED defines “engender” as transitive...

Heart Wings

quebec-s4 Epistles to Mother Earth (Pt. 4) - Hummingbirds

I had my eyes on the sky for some time

& for a while I Watched those

clouds - horsed grew into impossible...

Today's Throwback Thursday pick is, "Tanning", a poem from Mariette Landry. The poem was originally published in issue 291.2, Spring 2006. The poem landed Third Place in the James Hearst Poetry Prize.



One of the most salient revelations in The Great Gatsby, the origins of Jay Gatsby, née James Gatz, is embedded in Chapter 6 of the novel. We learn of Gatsby’s upbringing: a farm boy from North Dakota raised in poverty. He goes to college but drops out because he’s ashamed of having to support himself as a janitor.

Edward Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald’s father, whose wicker furniture business failed and who then lost a subsequent job with Proctor and Gamble, was reduced to living...

For a long time I subscribed to a savior ideal of writing: if I could develop enough skill and find myself a platform, maybe I could tell the stories of those unable to speak for themselves. While environmental and animal welfare were and remain situations that I’d like to learn how to speak up about, many of my concerns are more humanitarian, and I find these a lot more complicated to approach. In my teens, I told myself I would travel. I would observe and study, and maybe if I listened...

July 4th


It is common to think of the Declaration of Independence as a highly speculative document; but no one can think so who has read it. It is a strong rhetorical statement of grievances against the English...

Cover Issue 300.3

A note from the author: Congratulations on your Bicentennial issue in which I am delighted to have a part. It will surprise you to know that at 91 I am perhaps your oldest contributor ever (perhaps...

Michelle Cacho-Negrette reflects on writing the piece "First Husband," published in our latest issue, 300.3, Summer 2015.

Daniel Zender

How long did it take me to write "First Husband...


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