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Flashback to 1973. Rich Ives is a young student in the Creative Writing program at Eastern Washington University. He has stacks of photos he’s taken of various subjects (coeds, mainly, in abstract postures) and a freezer full of cheap corn dogs.  He plays keyboard in a rock blues band. We share an office as teaching assistants and travel the road with Professor Jim McAuley and Dick Hugo in the Poets...

For the most part, I tend to write a long poem. But as a challenge to myself about two years ago I began writing in this made up form–what I call the five-and-dime because it’s composed of ten lines in five couplets. I wanted to see how much compression I could get into a poem, and how the couplets could control the movement down...

“Write what you know” must be one of the earliest writing clichés in my memory. Presumably I dismissed this advice out of hand, which would explain my dim recollections of a nine-year-old self penning dramatic stories involving kidnappings, abandoned children, sudden blindness—none of which, I am happy to report, could fall under the category of “what I know.”

Over the years,...

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To me, the only real pleasure in life is food. I remember as a child my math Ph.D. father watching in horror as his daughter was far more interested in cooking shows than any math workbook he tried to pass onto me as fun. I spent my allowance money on...

Jeremiah Webster was a Finalists in the James Hearst Poetry Prize in 2011

As a teacher, Scop Wanted was my unabashed critique of the assessment culture that now dominates the American academy. In an attempt to foster higher learning...

In the early A.M of Thursday September 18, I drove seven hours from the small working class city where I survive working in a pool hall and traveling for gigs, taking care of my toothless and slowly dying girlfriend and three kids, where I play pool and scribble and try to make some sense of this difficult life, I drove seven hours through the small towns and mountains of southwestern New York...

We have always been something of a war society in the U.S., but since 2003 something far more sinister than anything I’ve witnessed has sprouted from the seeds of violence from what critics have called a coup d'état of our United States Constitution after September 11th.



It’s Saturday night and I’m taking part in a fantastic poetry reading. One of the editors of District Lit—an online journal that publishes...

Fan fiction is the red-headed stepchild of the writing world.  It searches for a home among reputable houses but, walking that fine line between plagiarism and hackneyed parody, it’s forced to live in the leaky, damp cardboard box in the dank and dingy alley outside, hoping tonight’s trash yields more than banana peels and half-burnt muffins for dinner.  The fact that it’s directly responsible for such...

 Oh, yes—like most poets and writers, I receive rejection letters:

  • Some are merely form notes, pre-printed.
  • Some are form notes asking the poet/writer to send work again.
  • A few are form notes with personal, hand-written notes added, complimenting the work and asking to see more of it. Or personalized emails.
  • A very few are personal letters or emails that mention specifics about work and ask to see more.

In this era of...


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