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Gas Station Pulp Crime Noir Novel Contest

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Black Fin

No more than 50 pages in a Word document. Submissions in other genres will be rejected without consideration.

From the editor, "I suspect that there are many writers of literary fiction who read mystery/hardboiled novels and have a work of such savage art in them. We seek to create a venue for that market. We will read during the spring semester asking for the first two chapters or up to fifty pages of your crime noir. I like shorter novels (60,000–75,000 words). If we like what we read, we’ll ask for the rest of your book. And from all of our finalists we will select one crime novel to publish the following year. Depending on the level of interest, we plan to publish a crime noir every year under the Gas Station Pulp banner."

Read more about Gas Station Pulp from editor, Grant Tracey, here.

Congratulations to James Breeden, our 2018 winner! Look for his book, Painting Angela. Preorder a copy today. All submission fees will be used to directly help fund the production, printing, and promotion of the Gas Station Pulp banner.

Congratulations to Mary Frisbee, our 2017 and first winner! Look for her book, Black Fin, soon. which is out now.  Order a copy today.

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