304.3 NAR Summer 2019

Cover image, hashtag stuck by Gary Kelley.


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We like stories that start quickly 
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We appreciate when an essay 
moves beyond the personal to 
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In this issue

Poetry by 

Joe Bonanni, Richard Brostoff, Robin Rosen Chang, Michael Chitwood, Susan Comninos, Zachary Cotler, Darren C. Demaree, Martín Espada, Gregory Fraser, Rebecca Foust, Albert Garcia, Allen Ginsberg, John Hart, Susan Johnson, George Kalamaras, Athena Kildegaard,  Diane K. Martin, Joyelle McSweeney, David C. Meyer, William Notter, Maggie Queeney, James Ragan, Bino A. Realuyo, Dan Rosenberg, Lis Sanchez, Steven Sanchez, Jeffrey Skinner, Barry Sternlieb, Lauren Swift, Leah Umansky, Brian Phillip Whalen, Jess Williard, Connie Zumpf


Placebo • Zachary Tyler Vickers

Asynchronous • Chloe Chun Seim​


The Semiotics of Beavers • Rae Bryant

The Unknown Country • Sofia Samatar

How It Feels • Kij Johnson

On Patriotism • Taylor Brorby

The Legs on Which I Move • Sophfronia Scott

Artwork by 

Joe Anderson, Makaylah Fazzari, Amy Guidry, Gary Kelley, A. E. Kieren, Matt Manley, Claire Stigliani, B. A. Van Sise​