301.1 Winter Issue 2016

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Just days before this issue was set to go to press, terrorist attacks took place in Beirut and Paris. It’s hard to face news like this, and it’s even harder to do so while introducing this issue of NAR with our usual enthusiasm or aplomb. We are, however, genuinely excited to present “a genocide of potential: in search of Black Brilliance.” All of the poetry in this issue, guest edited by Metta Sáma, was written by black poets whose work, as Sáma says, contains “careful constuctions of emotions, ideas, spirits, bodies, psyches.” In these days of fear and grief, with our emotions and psyches scarred, it’s hard not to be bitter, to not want to respond to the “venom” as some commentators say with bigger might. But like the young Parisian Thomas Tran Dinh instructs us, after survivng the attack at the Bataclan, “Let’s love each other.” He acknowledges that it would be easy to succumb to “hate and fear.” It would be easy for many of us here to ignore Beirut and Paris. It would be easy enough to give in to despair. It would be even easier to rouse lesser angels of our nature. But the nar follows the arc of love, art, and community engagement as a way to move forward.



Cover   Space Between [digital photo composite] • Denis Hagen

8   A Fragile Heart [collage on paper] • Marcia Jones

12   Manned Flight [digital & ink] • Clay Rodery

21   dark light [mixed media] • Anthony Temmaglia

27   Twins [ink & digital] • Catherine Byun

36   Untitled [pen & ink] • Eric Piatkowski



12   Manned Flight • Thomas Wilson

21   What Lies in Store • Laura Demers

27   Biddenden Maids • Kristen N. Arnett

36   Fallout • G. S. Phillian



3   Indigent Disposition • Christopher Notarnicola

5   Philematophilia • Traci Brimhall

44   Everyone Here • Jane Armstrong

47   Doom • William Stobb



9   Violence Against Women • Haki R. Madhubuti

10   How to Keep It Real When Everything Has Gone Wrong • Adrian S. Potter

10   Red Background • Lynne Thompson

11   illustrated equation no. 2: something about seeing . . . the shape of things . . . • Giovanni Singleton

19   Dahomey Sister • Rashidah Ismaili

20   Jazzing at the Art Gallery • Lenard D. Moore

20   I Can’t Breathe • James E. Cherry

26   The Talk • Quincy Scott Jones

33   “yonder they do not love your flesh” • Rosamond S. King

34   These Things Ain’t Gonna Write Themselves • Gwendolyn Mitchell

34   Knuckle Head • Teri Ellen Cross Davis

35   figure study 2: the old lady has alzheimer’s & all she can remember is • Niki Herd

35   anonymous • Kelli Stevens Kane

35   Stepfather • Ti Kendrick Hall

41   Alibi • Reginald Harris

42   Dzud • Patricia Spears Jones

42   A Man Walks Into a Bar • Zakia Henderson-Brown

43   solo • Makalani Bandele



42   From One Realm to the Next • Katy D’Angelo

45   Synecdoche: Brief Book ReviewsJ. D. Schraffenberger

46   Crosscuts: Brief DVD Reviews • Grant Tracey



2   From the Editors • NAR Staffers Out in the World

47   Contributors