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Cover of Floaters

Bridging the Word and the World

Editor J. D. Schraffenberger reviews Martín Espada’s latest collection of poems Floaters 

All poetry carries the possibility for incantatory magic, but on Espada’s tongue it is especially potent.

Join us for an evening with Martín Espada on April 1, 7pm CST, 8pm EST. Register here

Gas Station Pulp logo: Car, gas pump, and crescent moon.
Gas Station Pulp

Editor Grant Tracey discusses NAR's literary crime novel series

A red car points west. Darkness, plush pine trees and a lemon slice of moon backlight it. A gas pump nudges the car’s rear bumper.




We publish all
forms of creativity.

We like stories that start quickly
and have a strong narrative.

We appreciate when an essay
moves beyond the personal to
tell us something new about
the world.



Portrait of Allen Ginsberg by Gary Kelley
Exorcising History

How an unknown Allen Ginsberg poem
found its way into NAR's pages

“Recently I’ve been thinking that I should pass it on,” she wrote to us, “but to whom? Would you have any suggestions?” ​

Artwork of bird
Honoring the Past and Thinking for the Future

"We are starting with authentic reflection on who the North American Review is at its core by considering each part of the past, present and future"

Art Director Sarah Pauls discusses what's old, what's new, and what's changing.


Editor Rachel Morgan

"...while poetry often traffics in memory, or rather re-memory, poets might balk at the wistful part of nostalgia’s definition."

NAR poetry editor Rachel Morgan reviews Flyover Country by Austin Smith, The Kindness of Crocodiles by Ann Struthers, and Rewriting the Body by Wyatt Townley. This piece appears in the Synecdoche column of our Winter 2019 issue.