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Take a good long look at this issue of the North American Review because by the time our summer issue drops, you’ll be holding a newly redesigned magazine in your hands. We’re transforming, evolving, taking on a new form with a new guiding vision. Sarah Pauls, the Marketing Manager in the College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences here at the University of Northern Iowa, has herded us literary cats and helped us through this whole process of reimagination. 
In the meantime, you’ve probably heard us touting our upcoming spring issue, which will present some remarkable pieces by José Angel Araguz, Maria Nazos, and Jonathan Wei written in response to NAR Contributing Editor Terry Tempest Williams’s provocative collection of essays from 2004, The Open Space of Democracy. Terry will deliver the keynote at our writing conference April 19-21, 2019 celebrating the NAR’s 50 years at UNI. Our other featured writers include Molly Antopol, Taylor Brorby, Martín Espada, Adrianne Finlay, Kij Johnson, Joyelle McSweeney, Sophfronia Scott, and Joseph Scapellato. The conference is free and open to the public so submit a proposal to present your work on our Submittable page. 
We’re open for submissions for the 2019 Hearst Prize, judged this year by Dana Levin, and for the first time in more than a decade, we’re reading for the Kurt Vonnegut Fiction Prize, which intends to recognize the finest speculative fiction, judged by Karen Joy Fowler. We’re thrilled to welcome Dana and Karen into the NAR family.
Another momentous occasion: in this issue you’ll read the final Past Perfect column, which is fittingly dedicated to the memory of longtime NAR editor Robley Wilson, who not only steered the NAR ship for more than thirty years but published his own stellar writing to great critical acclaim. He’ll be missed.



Cover   Aldous Huxley: Brave New World [mixed media] • Gary Kelley

17   Swims [ink, digital] • Catherine Byun

25   ​Growing [digital] • Brianne Burnell

37   Spears and sneers [pen and ink, Photoshop] • Jared Rogness



17   Origins • Mel King

25   Listening to Apples • Warren Jones

37   Elephant in the Room • Clay Whisler



3   Eight Hours, with Cow • K. S. Phillips

7   Splendor • Refael Paul Arenson

42   Confluence • Taylor Brorby



11   The Asethetics of Dairy Farming • Ellie Tipton

11   The Landscape of Separation • Kendra Tanacea

12  ​ Ronald Reagan • Elisabeth Farrell

12   The Cloth Room • G. C. Waldrep

13 ​  The Conversions of the Body • Al Maginnes

14   I Love My Wife But the Problem Is • Gregory Fraser

16   A Guide to Wild Flowers • Laura McCullough

22   What Is The Body • Hannah Dow

23   For When You Are Down About Various Ignominious Fates • Paul Guest

24   Ode to Superstition • Jennifer Militello

24   In the Rainshadow of Whom • Jennifer Militello

32   ​Meditation • Trenton Pollard

33   On Faith: “What If It’s Broken?” • Michael Hurley

34   Leaves of Grass Lipogram • Michael Kriesel

35 ​  The Day Her Speech Was Slurred • Cathryn Cofell

35   ​Sunlight • Emily Vogel

36   Gone Of • Emily Vogel 

40   The Hunger Artist • Carolina Hotchandani

41   ​Around Phelps Lake • David Salner 

41   Hapa Song • Michael Prior

       Listening to Words • Jeff Hardin



43   Review of The Commandant of LubizecStephen J. Gaies

45   ​Synecdoche: Brief Book ReviewsRachel Morgan

46   Crosscuts: Brief DVD ReviewsGrant Tracey

48   Making Life Matter [Past Perfect]Chris Johnson



2   From the Editors 

47   Contributors