Every Atom | No. 108

Mark Favale

Introduction to Every Atom by project curator Brian Clements

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Sitting still

on a blue sky afternoon

watching trees sway in the breeze

listening to the hawk's cry.


Dreaming of the earth around me

the part which lies within me

I fear not the life I lead

nor the death bound to come

I am presented each day

with the miracle that surrounds me.


Whether pushing the people's mail

tangling with the soft chords

of the ukulele

or smiling with the laughter

of growing grandchildren

simplicity begins

in my inner soul

spreading out

to a welcoming world.


I weave an intricate tapestry

made honest 

by wonder, joy, and love

a miracle of life

blessed to find a way

each and every day.

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Mark Favale has been Postmaster of the Hawleyville, CT post office since 1998. His lifelong passions are family, writing, hiking, and kayaking.


Cover art by Grayson Becker