Andrew Najberg

My wife tells me in the lamplight

after everyone else has gone to sleep

that sometimes she hopes


our children won’t have children

because they will suffer what

we leave behind, that we are


the last lucky ones to whom plenty

means more than we need

rather than more than we have.


I can’t comprehend how my hypothetical

grandchildren might live. They’ll use

food science as one word. Land


on asteroids, Mars, control computers

with their minds. Maybe they’ll

pre-program their dreams like mixtapes.


My daughter and I talk about this

and that; her classes, my day, the movie

we watch, but could we evolve beyond


mouths and simply think with each other?

Can we still have hands that can hold?

My wife and I lie on the couch, tired,


the sound low. Outside, trees on the slopes,

millions of cicadas and crickets in them,

the darkness shattered infinitely in their song.


Headshot | Andrew Najberg


ANDREW NAJBERG is the author of the novel The Mobius Door (Wicked House Publishing, 2023) and the forthcoming novels Gollitok (Wicked House Publishing, 2023) and The Neverborn Thief (Olive-Ridley Press, 2024), as well as the collection of poems The Goats Have Taken Over the Barracks (Finishing Line Press, 2021).