Golden Shovel #1

Arnisha D. Royston

After Richard Wright’s Haiku #1


   what, I 

know, about who I am: 

nothing is forgettable, nobody 

           told me how a 

body isn’t yours, until it's spilling red—

like the sharp edge of an anchor sinking 

                into you. an autumn 

night sweat turns into the sun

you felt like pain and it took 

                      nothing to want you, my—

I was willing to cave. I called your name 

              then watched you turn away.


Headshot | Arnisha Royston


ARNISHA ROYSTON is a poet from Los Angeles. She holds a BA in Literature from UCLA and is currently completing an MFA at San Diego State University. Arnisha aims to extend the understanding of poetry and its relationship to the African American community through her experience as a writer. Arnisha’s poetry can be found in literary journals such as, the Los Angeles Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Phoebe, to name a few.