304.2 Spring Issue 2019

Climate Change by Gary Kelley


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Our Spring 2019 issue features a section of powerful writing inspired by or responding to NAR Contributing Editor Terry Tempest Williams's 2003 collection of essays The Open Space of Democracy. It's also our pleasure to celebrate National Poetry Month by publishing the finalists for the 19th annual  James Hearst Poetry Prize. Dana Levin selected Alan Elyshevitz's strange, beautiful, heart-wrenching "Bread" as the winner. 

In this issue

Poetry by 

Rachel Abramowitz, Dana Alsamsam, Sarah Anderson, José Angel Araguz, Tara Ballard, Jayne Benjulian, Alex Chertok, Patricia Clark, Bruce Cohen, Alan Elyshevitz, Maia Evrona, Charity Gingerich, Carlie Hoffman, Alyssa Jewell, AKaiser, Tina Kelley, Elizabeth Knapp, Jeanne Larsen, Tim Liardet, Paul Lomax, Inman Majors, Maria Nazos, Suzanne O'Connell, Linda Parsons, Greg Rappleye, Margaret Ray, Todd Smith, Sarah Sousa, Donna Spector, Shelley Stoehr, Anne Struthers, Tara Flint Taylor, Wyatt Townley, Arthur Vogelsang, Jeanne Wagner. 

Fiction by 

William Lychack, Patrick J, Murphy, Laezer Schlomkowitz, Vic Sizemore, Jonathan Wei.

Nonfiction by

Jehanne Dubrow, Miah Jeffra, Daegan Miller.

Artwork by 

Gary Kelley, Danny Neece, Jeannie Phan, Claire Stigliani, D. G. Smith.