Sister Zero by Nance Van Winckel

My Sister's Spiel as She Gives Her Little Friends a Tour of Our House


"This next room has the sewing machine I mentioned that can make a fancy dress if someone could just get that pedal to go up and down, and no, that other thing isn't a toad or a rock; that's my sister and that's her chair and yeah, her eyeballs are always stuck like that in a book, and don't look at her; this is a Do Not Disturb area. Try to pretend she's a ghost; that's what I do. But she bites sometimes. She used to kick. We've lived in twelve whole other houses before this one. And right this way we have some weird stairs that pull down—voilà!—from a secret attic where some actual live animals live. We hear them at night—squirrels maybe—and they've eaten away half the face of our baby Jesus."